Pipe network Installation

The Sistem Air plant material is suitable for all central vacuum system installations.

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The Sistem Air plant material is suitable for all central vacuum system installations.


Il materiale impiantistico Sistem Air è adatto a tutte le installazioni di impianti di aspirazione centralizzata.


PVC plant material is suitable for installation under trace and in non-dangerous environments.

Universal curved socket coupling cover

Art. 1450.0

Universal straight fitting socket cover

Art. 1450.1​

Square coverage curved coupling cover

Art. 1450.4B​

Square socket curved coupling cover

Art. 1450.5B​

Aluminum floor curved socket cover

Art. 1450.2​

Aluminum floor straight cover fitting

Art. 1450.3​

Round socket for square socket

Art. 1450.12​

Round socket for square socket curved connector

Art. 1450.13​

Recessed socket for skirting board socket

Art. 1450.16​

Extension for civil sockets

Art. 1457.1​

Rectangular vacuum inlet extension kit

Art. 1450.8​

Square vacuum inlet extension kit

Art. 1450.9​

Floor socket extension

Art. 1457.2​

PVC piping available: ø50-63-80-100

Art. 1850.0-1863.0-1880.0-1810.0​

PVC Pipe pallet
From 500 M - ø50

Art. 1850.0B​

PVC Pipe pallet
From 500 M - ø63

Art. 1863.0B​

MF PVC curves
available: ø50-63-80-100

Art. 3050.0-3063.0-3080.0-3010.0​

Curves 45° FF en PVC
available: ø50-63-80-100

Art. 3050.1-3063.1-3080.1-3010.1​

PVC sleeves
available: ø50-63-80-100

Art. 1150.1-1163.1-1180.1-1110.1

PVC expansion joints
available: ø50-63

Art. 5050.0-5050.2​

Fireproof sleeves PVC
available: ø50-63-80-100

Art. 1150.3-1163.2-1180.2-1110.2​

PVC screw cap
available: ø50-63-80-100

Art. 5050.1-6063.1-8080.1-1010.1​

PVC eccentric extensions
available: ø50/63-63/80-80/100

Art. 6063.3-8080.3-1010.3​

Cut-off valves
with micro ø50

Art. 2050.0CM​

Sorting valves
available: ø50-63-80-100

Art. 2050.0-2050.1-2050.2-2050.3​

Breather vents
available: ø50-63

Art. 5050.4-5063.4​

System test

Art. 5050.5

PVC venting breather
available: ø50-63

Art. 110001-110002

Special glue with brush
available: 250 gr - 500 gr

Art. 9225.1 - 9225.2​

Pre-threaded electrical conduit
available: 25-50-100 m

Art. 9016.7-9016.0-9016.1

Pipe cutter for PVC pipes
available for ø up to: 63-100

Art. 4163.0-4100.0

Installation tester

Art. 4001.0


The system kit includes everything necessary for the installation of a central vacuum system.

Installation kit Ø 50 MM
rectangular inlet

Art. 7030.3-7030.4-7030.5​

Installation kit Ø 50 MM
square inlet

Art. 7030.3E-7030.4E-7030.5E​


The steel plant material is suitable for all outdoor installations and hazardous environments.

Steel pipes
available: ø50-60-80-100

Art. 1850.0F-1863.0F-1880.0F-1810.0F​

45° steel curves
available: ø50-60-80-100

Art. 3050.1F-3063.1F-3080.1F-3010.1F

90° steel curves
available: ø50-60-80-100

Art. 3050.0F-3063.0F-3080.0F-3010.0F

Steel junction units
available: ø50-60-80-100

Art. 11501.F-1163.1F-1180.1F-1110.1F

45° steel derivation
available: ø50-60-80-100

Art. 4050.0F-4063.0F-4080.0F-4010.0F

Steel eccentric extensions
available: ø50/60-60/80-80/100

Art. 1080.0F-6050.0F-8050.0F-8060.0F

Industrial antistatic vacuum inlet
C/MICRO Ø 32-40

Art. 1556.0A

Industrial antistatic vacuum inlet

Art. 1556.0AX

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Maintenance and assistance

For the scheduled maintenance of the central vacuum unit, the instructions in the technical manual provided and the instructions on the user interface display must be followed.

In particular, these periodic operations mainly concern cleaning the filter, emptying the dust collection container, replacing the bag, checking the correct operation of the electric motor and any obstruction of the air outlet.

All work not included in the end user’s scheduled maintenance operations must be carried out by qualified personnel.